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These days there are tons of production music houses and libraries, but only one can consistently deliver the kind of quality you need to put your project on top of the ratings.

Los Angeles Post Music is this production music library. Whether you are working on a TV series, a feature, a commercial, or any other type of media music project, we've got you covered.

Our Staff and organization of highly intuitive professionals will help you cut through the clutter and find the perfect music for your project. Just ask. Hear why so many top music supervisors worldwide are calling us the best production music library in the business.

Los Angeles Post Music – Offering only the finest Production Music.

Our readily searchable online library of production music represents one of the strongest collections of production music in the U.S. Our production music has been composed by some of the finest composers the country has to offer; composers who have worked with some of the biggest names in modern music. Each of our production music tracks can be previewed without an online client account, however, once you are registered for a free a client account, you can listen to full-length versions of all of our tracks and can download tracks in a variety of formats (MP3, WAV & AIF). You can also take advantage of our online project management tool, which makes keeping track of all of your production music all the easier. As always, our friendly staff is standing by to assist you with and all of your production music needs.

Los Angeles Post Music offers a comprehensive array of musical genres including jazz , hip-hop , rap , rock , electronica , country , orchestral , reggae , R&B , and many more. Our Production Music library is available for every sound use: Multimedia, Industrial, Corporate, Commercial Videos, Production Music, Documentaries, Film, and Television, Flash, Video, Buyout Music, Background Music, Multimedia, CD-ROM Applications, Looping, Trade Show, Broadcast Radio, Cable Networks and Music On Hold - basically, all of your production music needs can be met with our production music library.

Our production music has been featured on all the major networks across America , including NBC , CBS , ABC , Showtime , HBO , Comedy Central and CW . Television shows our production music has appeared on include Flight Of The Conchords , Sex & The City , The Simpsons , and The Sopranos .

Featured Genres

Big Tone Jazz Presents… All That Jazz!

Big Tone Jazz is a label that was conceived and created by LAPM founder, Tom Borton. Big Tone Jazz embraces the spirit and soul of the Jazz movement in America . With a production music catalog that spans from traditional blues and bebop to more contemporary styles such as moody rhythm & blues grooves and melodic Jazz Pop, you're sure to find the production music jazz track you're looking for!

Real Jazz is not sampled, synthetic, looped, and duplicated. There can be no substitute for the experience of true performaning Jazz musicians who have honed their craft. At LAPM, we maintain the philosophy that true Jazz demands real musicianship; this philosophy underpins the Big Tone Jazz label and the production music that lies therein.

Big Tone Jazz features music composed in main by Tom Borton and Steve Allee.

Tom, an Emmy nominated composer and former Atlantic Records jazz artist has worked with Kenny Edmonds, a.k.a. Babyface, producer and composer Daryl Simons (Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton), and drummer Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan and former Rolling Stone “Drummer of the Year” and has appeared twice at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland.

Tom founded Los Angeles Post Music Inc. with the principal that production music should have the same integrity as any commercial music – never should it looked upon as merely stock music, or carry with it the connotations associated with royalty free music. He developed Big Tone Jazz as a creative vehicle for the talented jazz composers at LAPM to showcase their talents. Tom continues to compose, record and produce for the production music library and outside projects.

Steve, a jazz pianist has performed with Slide Hampton, Buddy Rich, James Moody, Curtis Fuller, Phil Woods, Sonny Fortune, Dianne Schuur, Pat LaBarbera, Charles Rouse, Bill Watrous, Carl Fontana, Ira Sullivan, Ed Thigpen, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Al Hibbler, Urbie Green, David Baker, Jamey Aebersold, Tim Hagans, Gary Campbell, John Riley, Ed Soph, Pharez Whitted, Med Flory, Conte Condoli, Lynn Seaton, Bobby Shew, The Stan Kenton Orchestra and has opened for Bill Evans and Tony Bennett.

Steve is music director for the 4-time Marconi award-winning nationally syndicated radio program, “The Bob & Tom Show,” with radio personalities Tom Griswold and Bob Kevioian. His solo CDs include “The Magic Hour,” released on Noteworthy Records, “Mirage,” and the soundtrack to the documentary film “New York In the Fifties.”  He presented the original music for the film at “The Montreux Jazz Festival” in Montreux , Switzerland and “The LaTeste de Bush” festival in Bordeaux , France .

To listen to Big Tone Jazz music click here (LINK)

Los Angeles Post Music Presents… Rap/Urban

Los Angeles Post Music presents a large selection of rap/urban tracks that can be used as production music and stock music in a variety of media projects, including television programs, film projects, advertising, etc.. The production music found in our rap/urban catalog is reflective of the popular hip hop music played in clubs and on the radio throughout the world today. As with all of our music, the rap/urban production music in our production music library is of the highest quality and reflective of the sound offered by the major commercial record labels today. We do not believe any music should be simply dismissed as stock music or royalty free music.

Rap music emerged in the late 1970s as an outgrowth of disco and funk music. It has its roots in New York City , with early pioneers such as Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five and The Sugarhill Gang. Many of the tracks that make up LAPM's collection of rap/urban production music were composed by Reggie Griffin, who worked on a number of early Sugarhill recordings.

Rap-Urban music has since become a major part of the music industry, often filling the top spot on the popular charts. The rap/urban production music offered by Los Angeles Post Music makes great production music or for any type of media project that calls for this type of music. These tracks of production music wear their roots on their sleeve, with elements of soul, disco and funk music. The instrumentation used on our rap/urban production music tracks ranges from synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, funky bass and pounding beats. perfect for fulfilling many production music and background music needs.

New Music… Music Candy

LAPM is proud to announce that it now represents Music Candy here in the U.S. . Music Candy is a full service production music library based in the U.K. . Their production music has been heard on:

NHK TV Japan, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, BBC World Service, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Two, BBC Radio Four, BBC Televison Worldwide DVD Trails

Brit Awards, Virgin Radio Network, Channel 4 (UK), and many more.

Music Candy has a very select group of award winning composers and producers that deliver everything from a commercial cartoon sting with a full orchestra going all-out, to a Dynamic 60 second Promo Perfect track for trailers in Cinema, TV and Radio, all with the flexibility of getting those 60 second versions, edits, underscores and stings you need for your production.

In addition to the Music Candy production music CDs we already have online, in early 2008, LAPM will add brilliant Music Candy's brilliant new Epic Ventures production music CD. Epic Ventures is Composer Clive Lukover's. The CD has over one hour of dramatic & exotic film music and themes. It also comes complete with highly useful edits, underscores and orchestral percussion tracks to create the perfect Hollywood film atmosphere. There is a great section of dramatic hits and stings/cues to sync to various moments of movie & TV madness. Epic Ventures will grab your attention like no other film-score CD out there. Massive orchestral drums, fat Brass, strings and percussion are only part of the picture.

More About Los Angeles Post Music

     Los Angeles Post Music Inc. was established in 1994 by Tom Borton. Tom, as well as being a noted jazz recording artist on Atlantic Records, had been composing music for TV and film since the early 80's, with an Emmy nomination in 1987. After working on network shows and TV series in scoring, post-production and sweetening positions, he found a lack of quality production music (or stock music). This led to the launch of Los Angeles Post Music Inc., a library dedicated to soulful performances and passionate productions with impeccable audio quality. As a recording artist, in the studio and on the road, Tom met and worked with many talented musicians and composers both in Los Angeles and across the country. Through this network of artists, he was able to establish LA Post's stable of composers. Each of these musicians / composers live and breathe their unique style of music and bring outstanding performances to the production music that they produce for LAPM. Historically, Tom has always had a knack for finding talented musicians. Long before the entertainment world came to know such artists as Kenny Edmonds (also know as Babyface), producer and composer Daryl Simmons (Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton), and drummer Kenny Aronoff (The Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan, and rock drummer of the year in Rollingstone ) to name only a few, Tom had been performing, composing, and recording with these icons of popular music. In addition to running daily operations of Los Angeles Post Music Inc., Tom continues to compose, record, and produce for the library and outside projects.

     The LA Post Music philosophy of “complete creative freedom” continues to provide a creative outlet previously unavailable to LAPM composers. This approach results in compositions and performances being made available that were typically left unrecorded (such as a kazoo choir) due to the “format” parameters and boundaries traditionally placed on most forms of commercial music today or production music (stock music) for that matter. It is the fantastic compositions and performances that set LAPM apart from other production music libraries and (so-called) royalty free music companies.

     Since 1994, Los Angeles Post Music has been building its catalog of production music and now numbers over 100 CDs consisting of thousands of individual cues. The styles of production music found in LA Post Music's production music library range from Rock to Urban to Underscore Dramatic to World. LA Post Music first launched its first web site in 1995,, one of the first production music libraries to do so. With continuous development, the site provides a comprehensive resource for all of our clients.

     In a continuing effort to expand its worldwide presence, LA Post Music recently entered into a representation agreement with JW Media in the U.K. , in addition to the sub-publishers we already have across the globe.

     Through word-of-mouth alone, LA Post Music has been able to build its extremely impressive roster of both clients and composers. Many music supervisors have called LAPM's production music library, the best in the business. Music supervisors working on a variety of projects consistently return to LA Post Music's library. Some of those who have relied on LAPM include the music supervisor for NBC's Las Vegas ; the music supervisor for HBO's The Sopranons and Sex & The City; and the music supervisor for the recent HBO hit, Flight Of The Conchords. Los Angeles Post Music's production music library has become widely known and trusted as a source of first-rate production music.