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Intermezzo fr Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo fr Cavalleria Rusticana Classical Full Med 3:19 CLSM008-01
Symphony Number 6 movt 3 Symphony Number 6 movt 3 Classical Full Med 5:02 CLSM008-02
Afternoon of the Faun Afternoon of the Faun Classical Full Med 10:57 CLSM008-03
Notturno Notturno Classical Full Med 2:27 CLSM008-04
Romance Romance Classical Full Med 4:00 CLSM008-05
Dance of Blessed Spirits Dance of Blessed Spirits Classical Full Med 7:26 CLSM008-06
Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant Chant Classical Full Slow 2:06 CLSM008-07
Peer Gynt Morning Peer Gynt Morning Classical Full Med 3:56 CLSM008-08
Winters Tale Pastoral Winters Tale Pastoral Classical Full Med 2:21 CLSM008-09
Pastoral Suite Romance Pastoral Suite Romance Classical Full Med 4:12 CLSM008-10
Meditation from Thais Meditation from Thais Classical Full Med 5:08 CLSM008-11
Piano Concerto Number 21 Piano Concerto Number 21 Classical Full Med 5:38 CLSM008-12
Canon in D Canon in D Classical Full Slow 4:23 CLSM008-13
Trumpet Tune Trumpet & Strings Trumpet Tune Trumpet & Strings Classical Full Med 2:59 CLSM008-14
Traumerei Strings Traumerei Strings Classical Full Med 3:08 CLSM008-15
Catalog No.: CLSM008
Classical Peaceful Vol. 1
These beautiful full live orchestra recordings of Pachelbel, Greig, Dvorak, Gluck, Purcell, Schumann, Debussy, Mascagni, Mozart, Massenet, Beethoven, Delibes, Larrson and Gregorian Chants cover many peaceful and calm moods.