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Zunk Funk Deep Hard Funk Groove, Classic Synth Bass, Vocoder Flanged Vocal Effects Funk Full Med 1:40 LAPM140-01
Zunk Funk Deep Hard Funk Groove With Classic Synth Bass, Lead Lines Bed Mix Funk Bed Med 1:40 LAPM140-02
Super Delicious Funk Funky Clavinet Classic Funk Groove Funk Full Med 1:38 LAPM140-03
Groovamatic Funk Upbeat Fun Slap Bass Funky Funk WIth Horns Funk Full Med 1:35 LAPM140-04
Funk It Up Upbeat Funky Grooving Funk Bed With Skank Gtr Funk Full Med 1:20 LAPM140-05
Flood Of Funk Deep Driving Party Funky Hard Funk With Zany Synths Funk Full Med Fast 1:27 LAPM140-06
Mr. Cold Funk Funky Pop Dance Groove Funk Full Med 1:10 LAPM140-07
Mini Funk Classic Funky Funk Synth Sweeps, Slap Bass, Skank Gtr With Horns Funk Full Med 1:28 LAPM140-08
Mini Funk Classic Funky Funk Synth Sweeps, Slap Bass, Skank Gtr, Horns Solo Gtr Funk Bed Med 1:28 LAPM140-09
Funky Bend Funk Bed With Single Line Distorted Gtr Funk Full Med 1:15 LAPM140-10
Grind Funk Gritty funky Grind With Drum Breaks Funk Full Med 1:20 LAPM140-11
Snazz Funk 70s Upbeat Feelgood Classic Funk Funk Full Med 1:39 LAPM140-12
Catalog No.: LAPM140
Funkalicious V1
Nasty and sweet, delicious and full of party psychedelic monster funk with plenty of hot horns, funkalicious keyboard vamps, punchy sexy bass grooves, and percussion claps giving you more bounce to the ounce for a natural release of the essence within.