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Funk At The Apollo Old School Funk At The Apollo With Skank Guitar Funk Full Med 1:44 LAPM141-01
Funk And Dirt Funky Blues With Hammond B3 Organ Leads Funk Full Med Fast 1:23 LAPM141-02
Flying Funk Funky Hammond B3 And Pumping Horns Funk Full Med 1:17 LAPM141-03
White Funk Funky Horns Flying Over Seattle Funk Bed Med 1:36 LAPM141-04
White Funk Funky Sax Flying Over Seattle Funk Full Med 1:36 LAPM141-05
Old Strut Funk Laidback Smiling Old School Bluesy Funky Fun Funk Full Med Slow 1:47 LAPM141-06
Wah Wah For You Funky Guitar Wah Wah Funk Bed Med 1:23 LAPM141-07
Wah Wah For You Funky Guitar Wah Wah Driving The Sax Funk Full Med 1:23 LAPM141-08
Slippery Funky Organ Hammond B3 Got The Groove And Jams Out Funk Full Med 1:28 LAPM141-09
What The Funk Do You Think What The Funk Do You Think About That Zip Funk Full Med 1:29 LAPM141-10
Funk That Tune Funk That Groove And Blow Them Horns Funk Full Med 1:33 LAPM141-11
Pluck That Funky Guitar Pluck That Funky Guitar While The Bass And Organ Groove Funk Full Med 1:21 LAPM141-12
Catalog No.: LAPM141
Old School Funk V1
Inspired by the vibrant classic early roots of funk from the 60's and 70's when soul, disco and blues influences merged with syncopating and scratching rhythm wah and skank guitars, funky fender p bass lines, Hammond organs and horn sections bringing funk to the masses.