Clip Of The Week, Peter Thomas, "Strings & Cream"

LAPM Now "In Treatment" on HBO

The HBO hit series "In Treatment" is finding LAPM to be a great prescription for music! Check out the series and you will hear LA Post Music!
LAPM Catalogs Now Fully Embedded & Soundminer Compatible!

LA Post Music, Boom Music, Classical Plus and Ring Music catalogs of over 5000 tracks are now fully embedded for access and searching using Soundminer software (
BWAV, AIF, MP3's with multiple sampling rates are available online and via hard drive.

For additional info or to request a hard drive please call 310-896-5176 or email:

CBS "The Mentalist" Finds LAPM

The strong intuition of the CBS hit series "The Mentalist" has led the show to LA Post Music. Try and use your powers to guess what music is LAPM while watching!

New Hip Hop Christmas CD Brings This Months New Releases To Thirty CDs!

This new Los Angeles Post Music release is brimming with fun hip hop funky urban versions of the Christmas classics.  Jingle Bells, Little Drummer Boy, Deck The Halls, plus many more along with the old New Years classic Auld Lang Syne arrive just in time for the upcoming new year. Arranged by funk master Reggie Griffin these are sure to lighten your holidays!

Everyone loves new music! Here you go, we have eight colorful new releases with " New Age Piano Dreams", "Old School Funk", "Traditional Latin Vol. 1", "Latin Flavors Vol. 1", a new release from Super Magnetic Music: "D.J. Moxo- Groove on This", "Funkalcious", "Latino Hop Hop" and finally "Funky Grooves Vol. 1".  Along with Music Candy's six new releases and Boom Music's fifteen CDs we offer you 29 new amazing releases.  Have fun!
LAPM Launches Major Website Update

We survived! After ten months of development our team of Jonathan Phan, Rachel Farabaugh and Tom Borton have put together a beautiful website with many new features and looks. For login clients we now offer online reporting with auto fill forms, a more in depth client admin section showing recent searches, downloads, keywords along with latest search words used.The big news is the release of twenty nine new CD! Details in the above news release.
London Based Boom Music Joins LA Post Music

Boom Music based in London is now represented by Los Angeles Post Music in the USA territory. The high standards of LAPM continue with the outstanding sound and depth of Boom Music.  Founded by Phil Binding and Simon Moore, commissioned by the French Broadcasters and FIFA for the Theme for the World Cup the team has also produced logos for major corporations such as British Airways, Shell, Norwich Union and Bupa. Just like the LAPM catalog every Boom track is the real deal. A must listen!
Musikforlaget Apollo Reps LAPM in Scandinavia

As the word continues to spread, Clause Anderson in Denmark at Apollo is now representing the LAPM music catalog covering all of Scandinavia.  We are thrilled to pick up that area of the globe with a rich media audience.  Looks like we will now have to find out what Fiskepudding tastes like!
Piano Virtuoso Victor Alexeeff Joins LAPM

We are very excited to have Victor Alexeeff composing for LAPM.  Winner of numerous international classical piano contests, in depth studies of Chopin, winner of many Addy Awards he brings to LAPM an intense depth of classical composition and orchestration skills with virtuoso classical piano performance finesse. His first LAPM CD "New Age Piano Dreams" produced by Tom Borton is a beautiful journey into minimalist explorations of calm inner space. We look forward to hearing more from Victor. Check out his first LAPM release! Catalog LAPM144
LAPM Now In Moscow

All Music Publishing is now representing Los Angeles Post Music in Russia. While in Cannes, France at the Midem Conference, Tanya Didenko of All Music Publishing expressed interest in bringing on board LAPM for the Russian market. WIth the large number of international advertising agencies with offices in Moscow this is another great opportunity.  The buzz about LAPM continues the spread globally.
Los Angeles Post Music On HBO's "John Adams"

In continuing our long relationship with HBO, LA Post Music is extremely proud to be associated with HBO's new seven-part epic mini series, "John Adams". Production music composed by LAPM founder & CEO, Tom Borton, could most recently be heard in the the third installment of the series, entitled "Don't Tread On Me".The mini-series has been receiving rave reviews across the board and continues a long tradition of HBO pairing our superb production music with their outstanding productions.
Los Angeles Post Music - A Production Music Library For All Your Needs

"Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable." Leonard Bernstein (1918-90) American conductor, composer Since 1995, LAPM has dedicated itself to capturing soulful performances and creating passionate productions. It is the combination of authentic, original composition with high-resolution audio quality that has made LAPM an internationally recognized provider of production music and sound design. Across five continents, the World’s largest media corporations have chosen our production music to use provide the soundtrack to their vision. LAPM’s production music catalog is diverse with music styles ranging from rap, orchestral, country, punk, electronica, funk, film score and many more. Our composers have been recording, writing and touring with some of the biggest names in the music industry for decades, and when you hear LAPM tracks, you are hearing musicians you hear who have played you listen to Mary J. Blige, Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Babyface along with many others… In addition to our extensive production music library, Los Angeles Post Music also offers customized scoring; having in the past gained an Emmy nomination for original scoring Emmy nomination. Visit and discover why so many music supervisors call LAPM the best production music library in the business.
LAPM At Game Developers Conference

LAPM's Ben Edmonds attended the Game Developers Conference is San Francisco last week and had a great time learning about the latest developments in the gaming industry, while introducing gaming companies to the great production music LA Post Music has on offer. Ben found composer John Debney's discussion of the idea that video game scoring may some day surpass film scoring particularly interesting.

Game developers are reminded that Los Angeles Post music is currently running a promotion specifically for GDC attendant companies. Please call 310.896.5176 or visit for more information,

New Online "Project Management" Tool

Managing your projects online is now a breeze with LAPM's new online Project Management tool. Clients with an LAPM account are now able to manage multiple projects online and assign tracks to particular projects.

In addition to the already existing icons, each cue on the site now has a "P" next to it. In order to add a track to a specific project, simply click on the "P", and you will be given the option of creating a new project or adding the track to an already existing project.

As always, our staff are on hand to help you with any questions regarding the Project Management tool or any other queries you may have. You can reach a member of our helpful staff by calling 310.896.5176.

GDC Free Special Offer

Los Angeles Post Music is offering a Free music use to any new game developer clients attending the 2008 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (February 18 - 22). Keep an eye out for our promotional brochures and postcards at the conference. For more information about our production music library call 310.896.5176.

Los Angeles Post Music @ Game Developers Conference

LAPM CEO Tom Borton will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week. The conference, which will be held at the Moscone Center from February 18 to 22, is the world’s largest professionals-only game industry event. Presented every spring in San Francisco, it is the essential forum for learning, inspiration, and networking for the creators of computer, console, handheld, mobile, and online games. Tom's aim is to further solidify LA Post Music's relationships within the gaming industry, as well as to introduce our first-rate production music library to game developers from around the world. With our production music connected to projects with both Nintendo and Microsoft, we are excited to further expand our reach into the gaming world.

Tom will be available for meetings throughout the week. Please visit to hear our latest production music and to learn more about our company. To arrange a meeting with Tom, please call us at 310.896.5176.

Hoffman Lewis Ad Agency Selects LAPM For Toyota Commercials

Los Angeles Post Music is proud to announce that Hoffman Lewis advertising agency has selected LAPM's production music, to appear in the latest set of commercials it has created for Toyota. Co-written by LA Post Music composers Jennifer Condos & David Shelton - our production music found such favor with Hoffman Lewis, that they are using it to advertise four different Toyota models. Keep and eye and an ear out for the Toyota commercials on both television and radio. The spots were produced by Umlaut Films in San Francisco.
LA Post Music Wheeling And Dealing At Midem Conference 2008

LAPM's CEO Tom Borton recently returned from France, where he attended the 2008 Midem Music Conference in Cannes. All the major players within the music industry descend on Cannes each January, to discover and discuss the latest developments in the music industry and music technology. This year featured keynote speeches from luminaries such as U2's manager Paul McGuinness and musical chameleon Peter Gabriel. McGuinness' speech was particularly noteworthy, as he proposed that internet service providers do more to protect the music that was is so freely shared on p2p networks on their servers. Tom was kept busy throughout the conference, meeting with a number of our current production music sub-publishers and also developing new relationships with companies with whom we look forward to forging strong relationships in the future. While production music has played a minor role at Cannes in the past, the increasing role music plays in film, television and gaming, has pushed production music industry issues to the forefront of an industry grappling with the issue of sales decreases through traditional music outlets. LAPM will release more information about new business relationships struck at Midem as the deals are finalized. It is safe to say, however, that Los Angeles Post Music's already stellar production music library, will soon be expanding to include fantastic new libraries from around the world, whose diverse and exciting production music catalogs will be the perfect compliment to LAPM.
Los Angeles Post Music

These days there are tons of music houses, but only one can consistently deliver the quality needed to put your project on top of the ratings.
Los Angeles Post Music is that library!
Whether you are working on a TV series, a feature, a commercial, or any other type of media, we've got you covered.
Our staff and organization of highly intuitive professionals will help you cut through the clutter and find the perfect music for your project. Just ask.
Call us today, or log onto our website for more of what many top producers are calling the best library in the business.

Ph: 310.896.5176

Surf’s Up On NBC’s Hit Series “Las Vegas”

Jennifer Pyken - music supervisor on NBC’s Las Vegas - recently turned to Los Angeles Post Music when she needed surf guitar tracks for the network’s high-stakes drama series. With a wide selection of tracks from which to choose, some featuring the guitar work of the legendary Dick Dale, the Big Kahuna of surf guitar himself, Jennifer had no difficulty in finding three high quality production music tracks that appeared on the current season’s premiere episode.

Original Composition for Rapp Collins Worldwide

Los Angeles Post Music founder, Tom Borton, was recently commissioned to compose an original piece of music for Rapp Collins Worldwide ( - one of the World’s leading ad agencies. The piece will provide the soundtrack to the company’s flagship promotional reel, which will be seen and heard by prospective Rapp Collins clients across the globe.

John Deere / GSD&M Advertising Agency Selects Los Angeles Post Music

John Deere recently decided to continue with their highly successful “Turning Point” ad campaign, which features a LAPM track by composer Mark Browne. Originally created by the Foote, Cone & Belding advertising agency, and now in the hands of GSD&M; both companies recognized the quality of LAPM’s production music, and the fact that our music has become an integral part of the “Turning Point” campaign. Beginning in early 2006, the campaign has now been running nationally for over eighteen months.
LAPM Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

In our ongoing mission to best serve the needs of our clients, we are pleased to announce that in addition to check, we now accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards, for easy invoice payment. Simply call us at 310.896.5176 and your payment will be processed in a matter of minutes.

NBC’s “Bionic Woman” Sets Sight On LA Post Music

Innocent Nashville – a track drawn from the LAPM CD, Country Vol. 1 – appeared in the premiere episode of NBC’s fall series. “Bionic Woman”. Composed by renowned songwriters Jennifer Condos and Kevin Dukes, Innocent Nashville, reflects both the quality and diversity of LAPM’s production music catalog, while its use in “Bionic Woman” continues the strong relationship shared between NBC and LAPM.
New Advanced Search Feature Added

Looking for a specific piece of production music but don’t have a clue where to start? Let the LAPM new Advanced Search feature do the work for you. Simply select a genre and the advanced search will pull all comparable tracks, you can then filter the results through keyword(s) and tempo options from the drop down menus provided. As always, our ready and willing staff is on hand to provide you with any additional assistance you may require.
Ben Edmonds Joins Los Angeles Post Music

We are happy to welcome Ben Edmonds as LAPM's new Director of Licensing & Business affairs. Originally from Australia, Ben has previous experience working with Sanctuary Records in the U.K. and also with the Australian Music Office in Los Angeles. When asked his thoughts on joining the LA Post Music team, Ben commented: "Los Angeles Post Music is home to the best production music in the business. I look forward to helping our clients find the perfect production music for their media projects." In his spare time, Ben maintains his own music blog at
New Release: Classical Catalog

LAPM has added 400 classic orchestral tracks to its production music catalog - featuring performances by the London Philharmonic. With compositions from the likes of Beethoven, Brahms, Handel, Mendelssohn, Mozart, and so many more, the catalog’s quality is only matched by its diversity. Whether you are looking for the Brandenburg Concerto, Adagio for Strings, Thus Spake Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) or any number of iconic pieces, LAPM’s production music catalog is extensive and readily searchable.
On Board HBO’s “Flight Of The Conchords”

The continued use of LAPM’s production music throughout the first series of HBO’s comedy-hit of the summer, “Flight Of The Conchords” has been a point of pride here at LAPM, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the show in the future. The series, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of New Zealand’s “fourth-most popular folk-parody duo” as they try to make a name for themselves in New York, has recently been given the green light for a second series.
LAPM Launches National Advertising Campaign

In August, Los Angeles Post Music initiated its latest nation-wide advertising campaign. With the determined goal of delivering as many eargasms as possible, our advertisements will be featured in the monthly industry magazine, Post, and its online counterpart,